In the beginning, first things first!

What better way to begin the FIRST post on my FIRST blog than with a Thomas Chalmers quote on the FIRST chapter of the FIRST book of the New Testament!  Profound thoughts on Matthew 1:

Matthew 1

“All history is subservient to the great work of Redemption; and the genealogy here presented offers to our view a series of steps conducting onward from the Patriarchal ages to Him who is the Author of Redemption.  What a deep mystery is the Incarnation of our Savior; yet without dwelling on the modus of the fact, let us look to the fact itself, as that by which a highway of communication has been opened up from the corporeal to the spiritual; and we, shrined in frameworks of clay, may be said to have obtained a sight of Him who is the very image and representation of the Godhead.  We would turn aside to see this great sight, and fall down in lowly reverence before the incarnate Deity.

  • And under what an endearing and comforting title is it that He is first announced to us – Jesus the Savior – and from what?  He saves us from our sins – not the guilt of them only, but also the power of them.  — Realize upon me, O God, the whole of this salvation.  Give me a part, both in the justifying righteousness which this Jesus hath brought in, and in the sanctifying grace which He sheds forth on all who believe in Him, that I may be regenerated as well as reconciled; and that admitted to the pardon which has been sealed by His blood, I may furthermore be purified — and, meet for the Master’s use, may become one of His peculiar people, zealous of good works.

~ Thomas Chalmers, “Sabbath Scripture Readings”

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