This Frequent Oozing Out of Contamination


Some days I am much more conscious of my sin than others.  Oh, I am certain that my sinfulness is there and  that I am just as sinful on the days when I am not conscious of my sin.  But one particular day,  a day when I was more aware of my sin, I read the following excerpt from page 285 of “The Gospel in Leviticus”.   May it bless you in the consciousness (and unconsciousness) of your sins as well.

“It is indeed melancholy, my brethren, that we, as Christians, still have so much impurity cleaving to us—that with all our efforts so much evil still works in us—that with all our penitence, prayers and resolves, there yet is this frequent oozing out of contamination—that with all the doings of God to cleanse us, we still have so much cause to hang our heads in shame, and humble ourselves in dust and ashes—that not one of us but would blush and be mortified almost to death to have all our thoughts and feelings suddenly laid open to the inspection of those around us.  But still it is not without its good effects.

  • We need something to keep us humble, to drive us continually to the throne of grace, and to keep us ever mindful of our dependence upon the mercy of God.
  • If we were not troubled with these secret flows of sin, we would be in great danger of growing spiritually proud, negligent, and over-confident. But this keeps us down at the foot of the cross, and ever prompts to more earnest prayer, and keeps the soul from stagnation.
  • It makes us feel the presence and power of the foe, that we may be stirred up to ever-renewed zeal, and be strengthened the more by our trying encounters with the enemy.
  • It helps to soften us towards the failings of others, and to make us charitable in our judgments of offenders.
  • Though it is painful, and keeps us in constant peril of making shipwreck of our faith, I do not know whether I would have it otherwise if I could. I fear that we should be too much at rest and satisfied in this present world, if we were not thus made to feel the inconvenience of living in the flesh.
  • It helps greatly to reconcile us to the idea of dying. It contributes to make our dying day, a blessed day; because it will put an everlasting end to these vexations. Then we shall be delivered “from the body of this death…..

Egypt may pursue us to the sea, and its men of war go with us into the waves, but there shall the oppressor cease. From that flood he shall never rise again.  He shall never reach the other shore, or set foot in heaven.  God shall there take off his chariot-wheels, and he shall pursue and oppress us no more. Oh, happy, happy day! that thus lays all our tormentors forever with the dead…

  • And then, again, this constant consciousness of sin assists in endearing to us the cross and righteousness of Jesus. Though evil ever works within us, we have a remedy.
  • We have an Advocate in heaven ever interceding for us. Though uncleanness clings to us, life and purity flows down through him to cover our unrighteousness and to help our infirmities.
  • With all our weaknesses, in Him we are strong.
  • Let faith but touch the hem of His garment, and healing is at hand.
  • Let the poor sinner but press to Him, and all these disgusting issues shall be as though they were not.

Blessed Physician, that God hath sent to us from the heavens! How precious the virtue that goeth out from him! He healeth all our diseases. His blood cleanseth from all sin.

Allow me, then, my dear friends, to commend this Savior to you. He is what you need; and He is ready to become everything to you that is necessary to complete your peace. You may find yourself full of sin; but He is able to cleanse you. You may be poor and friendless; but He sympathizes with you, and proposes to you eternal riches. In more than angelic meekness, He spreads out His hands to you, and says, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are Heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Only accept that call, and you shall be blessed forever.”

 “Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”

~ Isaiah 1:18