A Sunrise Service…

Early this morning before the sun had come up, my husband and I went out on the back porch and played a little game.  We drank our coffee and watched as the sun slowly rose in the sky, listening very carefully to each sound that we heard.

First came the gentle chirp of a cardinal.  Then the rhythmic sound of a cricket.  More birds began to wake up and sing, while two young squirrels scampered out of their nests.  We heard the sound of traffic off in the distance.  And all the while as we watched, the sun was making his way on the horizon, while the moon faded off to sleep.

If you really want an improved change of perspective from this day forward, try our little back porch experiment yourself and read the devotional below from Day 251 of “The Book of Mysteries” by Jonathan Cahn.

Get ready to receive a whole, new appreciation for each orbit you take around the sun!

The Miracle World

by Jonathan Cahn

It was late into the night and especially dark.  The moon was nowhere to be seen.  The teacher and I were sitting in an open expanse not far from the school while everyone else was asleep.

“Imagine” he said, “if we lived in a world where everything was night, a world where we could never see the blue of the sky, the yellow the sun, the green of grass and trees.  Imagine we could barely see each other.  Now imagine that something takes place in this world that has never happened before…a sunrise.  What would it be like?”

“If would be almost indescribable,” I said, “a miracle.”

“Yes,” said the teacher, “for the first time in our lives, the black sky begins to transform, subtly changing its color, the first hints of dawn.  Then come the first orange yellow rays of daybreak…and then the circle of blazing light rising up from the horizon as if floating on nothing, and our entire world is transformed.  For the first time we see everything in vivid color and clarity…It would be a miracle, a miracle as dramatic and as amazing to our world as the parting of the Red Sea…”

The teacher paused, turned to me, and said, “But the miracle HAS happened…The miracle happens every day.  Should we not then be living in the miraculous all the time?  And why don’t we?  It would be as if the Red Sea parted at about six in the morning every day.  We would no longer be amazed by it.  And yet, was there ever a vision given to any prophet as vivid, as full of detail and brilliance as the vision we see every day of this world?  But when the miracle happens every day, we no longer see it.  We become blind…and blind to the fact that there is nothing as supernatural as existence itself…that existence came into existence…and that it could have only come into existence from nothing…and that the natural world is the witness of the supernatural.”

“The sun,” I said.  “It’s beginning to rise.”

“Behold the miracle,” said the teacher.  “This life, this universe, everything you see and touch, everything you hear and have known…it’s all a miracle…a vision come to life.  Open your eyes and see the world as if for the first time, as if your first sunrise and your first Red Sea, as the miracle it is…Live in the miraculous…For you are already living…in a miracle world.”

“The Mission:  Today, live as if you were in a “miracle world,” as if everything you see and hear is miraculous — because it is.  Live in the miraculous.

“And they were calling to one another:  ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty;
the whole earth is full of His glory.'”

~ Isaiah 6:3